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Family and finances-they are two of the most vital pieces of your life. And their similarities are compelling: Having one can enhance your enjoyment of the other; eventually, each must take care of the other; and, given enough time and care, both can grow exponentially, generation to generation. With both loved ones and investments, time is your most valuable asset. We'll help you make the most of them both. We invest the time it takes to build your wealth. So you don't have to. We don't know you. We could never presume to make blind recommendations about your personal assets. But we work with families similar to yours- people who have achieved a significant level of financial success.

These individuals tell us that what we offer is exactly what they¹ve been searching for- services that not only increase their net worth, but also give them time to enjoy it.

Buffington Mohr McNeal is a fee-only registered investment advisor. We help you create your investment policy and manage your accounts held by third party custodians. You may login to your custody account by clicking one of the first three links below.  The fourth link, the Buffington Mohr McNeal logo, will take you to your investor experience portal.